Model: RTI-732-V

Manufactured by: Analog Devices



RTI-732-V, Multibus Data Aquisition Board


Analog devices RTI-711 Analog Input Board and RTI-732 Analog I/O Board consist of 16 single-ended (SE) or 8 differential (D) input channels with optional on-board expansion to 32SE/16D, a software programmable instrumentation amplifier, sample/hold circuitry and a fast 12-bit A/D converter. Jumper selectable A/D ranges of 0 to +5V, 0 to +10V, +/-5V and +/-10V used in conjunction with programmable gain amplifier allows a full scale input range as low as +/-625mV. This makes it ideal for measuring low level sensor generated signals.


The 16 different input channels have provisions for user installed shunt resistors for current loop inputs.


Overall system accuracy is +/-0.05% of full scale range while throughput rates of 33,000 channels/second are achievable..


For 220V rms input protection, +/-1500V isolation, high common mode rejection, filtering low drift amplification, thermocouple cold junction compensation and RTD excitation, the 3B Series I/O subsystem can be used as a front end to RTI board.


The RTI-732 Analog I/O Board provides analog output capability and comes in two versions., (1) standard version which offers both voltage and current outputs, and (2) -V which offers voltage outputs only. The RTI-732 consists of two independent D/A converters with optional current outputs. The voltage ranges are jumper selectable for 0 to +5V, 0 to +10V, +/-5V, or +/-10V full scale range. The 4-20mA current output meets the non-isolated Type A current transmitter requirements and is capable of Class L operation with the internal supply and Class U operation with an external supply (ANSI MC 12-1-1975 or ISA S50-1). The V/I option is often desirable to transmit an analog signal as a current rather than a voltage since noise and IR drops in the cable and connectors will not degrade the accuracy of a current signal.


Alternate Part Numbers: RTI732, RTI732V, RTI732-V 


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