SBC 711


Model: SBC711

Manufactured by: Intel Corporation


Designed to be plugged into a standard SBC 604/614 Modular Backplane and Cardcage.

Interfaces directly with an Intel SBC 80 Single Board Computer or the Intel Microcomputer Develpment System (MDS)

8 differential or 16 single-ended analog input channnels

Sockets are provided so that the multiplex capability can optionally be expanded to accommodate an additional 8 differential or 16 single-ended analog input channnels

Input channels are protected to  ±28V by clamping diodes and fusible current-limit resistors

The SBC711 Analog Input board is a member of the complete line of Intel SBC 80 system expansion modules. The SBC 711 is a analog input subsystem which, under microprocessor control, performs the basic functions of data acquistion for analog-to-digital conversion. There are three programmable modes of operation for the acquistion of analog inputs: repetitive single channel input, sequential channel scan input, and random channel input.


Alternate Part Number: SBC 711

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