SBC094 - 4K-BYTE CMOS RAM Memory Battery Backup Board



4K-BYTE CMOS RAM Memory Battery Backup Board
Model: SBC094
Manufactured by: Intel Corporation



  • Intel, Multibus I, 4K-BYTE CMOS RAM Memory Battery Backup Board

  • Intel Product Code: SBC094 (iSBC 094)

  • Intel Part Number: 05-0652-002

  • iSBC 80 nonvolatile RAM memory expansion through direct bus interface

  • 4K bytes of low power static CMOS RAM memory

  • On-board power-fail interface logic

  • Base address selectable to start on any 4K memory address boundary

  • On-board rechargeable batteris and charging circuitry for 96-hour data retention

  • Single +5V power requirement



The SBC094 4K-byte CMOS RAM Memory/Battery Backup Board is a member of Intel's complete line of iSBC 80 memory and I/O expansion boards. The SBC094 interfaces directly to iSBC 80 single board computer via the system bus to expand RAM memory capacity. The board contains 4K bytes of read.write memory, implemented using 32 Intel 5101 CMOS RAM memory components. On-board rechargeable batteries and charging circuitry insure that data contained in RAM will be ratianed for at least 96 hours after system bus power (+5V) is removed. Critical system parameters stored in the SBC094 RAM will thus be saved during tempory system power failures. Full power-fail interface logic is provided on the board to generate a CPU interrupt when system power fails. Orderly system shut-down procedures may then be executed and critical system parameters may be retrived and stored. The use of CMOS RAM on the SBC094 also reduces power dissipation during normal system operation. The SBC094 contains jumpers for use in selecting a contiguous 4K-byte address segment beginning on any 4K memory address boundry (0000H, 1000H, 2000H, etc). Read/write buffers reside on the board to buffer all data written into or read from the memory array. All address, data, and command signals on the bus interface are TTL compatable.


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