Model: SBC186/03A

Manufactured by: Intel Corporation



  • 8MHz 80186 Microprocessor with Optional 8087 Numeric Data Processor

  • 8 (Expandable to 12) JEDEC 28-Pin Sites

  • 6 Programmable Timers and 27 levels of Vectored Interrupt Control

  • Multibus Interface for System Expansion and Multimaster Configuration

  • 24 Programmable I/O Lines Configurable as a SCSI Interface, Centronics Interface of General Purpose I/O

  • 2 iSBX Bus Interface Connectors for Low Cost I/O Expansion iLBX (Local Bus Extension) Interface for High-Speed Memory Expansion

  • 2 Programmable Serial Interfaces; 1 RS232C the other RS232C or RS422 Compatible


The SBC186/03A is a 16-bit, 80186-based single board computer.  The board is a complete microcomputer system on a 7.05x12.0 inch printed circuit card.  The CPU, system clock, memory, sockets, I/O ports and drivers, serial communications interface, priority interrupt logic and programmable timers, all reside on the board.  The SBC186/03A board incorporates the 80186 CPU and SCSI-interface on one board.  Extensive use of high integration VLSI has produced a high-performance single-board system.  For large memory applications the LBX local bus expansion maintains this high performance.


Alternate Part Number: SBC18603A


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