SKU: INT-SBC186/51


Model: SBC186/51

Manufactured by: Intel Corporation



  • 6MHz 80186 Microprocessor

  • 82586 Local Area Network Coprocessor for Ethernet/IEEE 802.3

  • 128KB of Dual-Ported RAM, Expandable on-board to 256KB

  • Sockets for up to 192KB for JEDEC 28-pin Standard Memory Devices

  • 2 SBX Bus Connectors

  • 16MB Address Range of Multibus Memory

  • 2 Serial Interfaces; RS232C and RS422A/RS449 compatible


Supports Transport Layer Software (iNA 960) and Higher Layer Communications Software 

The SBC 186/51 Communications Computer is an economical, self-contained computer for applications in processing and local area network control.  The combination of the 80186 Central Processing Unit and the 82586 Local Area Network Coprocessor makes it ideal for applications that require both communications and processing capabilities, such as networked workstations and factory automation.  The SBC186/51 provides a CPU, Ethernet interface, serial communications interface, 128KB RAM, up to 192 KB EPROM/ROM, and I/O ports.

Alternate Part Number: SBC18651


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