Model: SBC186/78A

Manufactured by: Intel Corporation


8MHz 80186 integrated microprocessor

Top drawing speeds of 1.25 pixels/sec polygon drawing rate: 150K pixels/sec

Programmable frame rate and size

Simultaneous multiwrite into all planes

Two iSBX bus connectors

DMA to local bus from iSBX Multimodule, local memory, and Multibus system bus

Optional VDI (virtual device interface) graphics software resides on-board

Look-Up table generates up to 16 out of a possible 4096 colors

i82720 graphic display controller

Resolution of 640 x 480 (non-interlaced)

Eight 28-Pin memory sites

Multiple co-resident frame buffers

Serial input support for human interfaces via iSBX Multimodule board

Full RS343 or RS170 support

Alternate Part Number: SBC18678A


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