Model: SBC337A

Manufactured by: Intel Corporation



  • Supports 8Mhz Math Co-Processor

  • High speed fixed floating point functions for SBC Boards

  • Extends host CPU instruction set with arithmetic, logarithmic, transcendental and trigonometric instructions

  • Supports seven data types including single and double precision integer and floating point

  • Fully supported in the multi-tasking environment of the RMX I Operating System 


The Intel SBC337A Numeric Data Processor module offers numerics support for SBC86 and SBC88 Single Board Computer users.  Potential applications including simulation, instrument automation graphics, signal processing and business systems.  The coprocessor interface between the 8087 and the host CPU provides a simple means of extending the instruction set with over sixty additional numeric instruction supporting seven additional data types.  The date types are 16-, 32-, and 64-bit integer, 32-, 64-bit floating point, 18 digit packed BCD and 80-bit temporary.


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