Model: SBC340

Manufactured by: Intel Corporation


On-board memory expansion for SBC86/12A Single Board Computer

SBC340 module provides sockets for up to 16K bytes of additional EPROM and plugs directly into the SBC86/12A board

On-board memory expansion eliminates MULTIBUS system bus latency and increases system throughput

Low power requirements

Simple, reliable mechanical and electrical interconnection

The SBC340 16K-byte EPROM expansion module provide simple, low cost expansion of the memory complement available on the SBC86/12A single board computer.  Each module utilized individually or together can double the SBC86/12A board's on-board RAM and EPROM memory capacity.  The SBC340 16K-byte EPROM expansion module options for the SBC86/12A board offer system designers a new level of flexibility in defining and implementing Intel single board computer systems.  These options allow the system designer to double the memory complement of an SBC86/12A board with a minimum of system implications.  Because they expand the memory configuration on-board, they can be accessed as quickly as the existing SBC86/12A memory by eliminating the need for accessing the additional memory via the MULTIBUS system bus.  With the SBC86/12A board mounted in the top slot of an SBC604 or SBC614 cardcage, sufficient clearance exists for mounting the SBC340 expansion module option(s).  If the SBC86/12A board is inserted into some other slot, the combination of boards will physically (but not electrically) occupy two cardcage slots.


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