Model: SBC341

Manufactured by: Intel Corporation



  • On-board memory expansion for SBC86/05, SBC88/25, SBC88/40, SBC88/40A, SBC88/45, SBC186/530, SBC188/56, SBC286/10 and SBC286/10A microcomputers

  • Supports JEDEC 24/28-pin standard memory devices, including EPROMs, byte-wide RAMs, and E2PROMs

  • Sockets for up to 64K bytes of expansion with Intel 27128 EPROMs

  • On-board expansion provides "no wait state" memory access with selected devices

  • Simple, reliable mechanical and electrical interface


The SBC341 28-pin MULTIMODULE EPROM board provides simple, low-cost expansion of the on-board EPROM capacity of the SBC86/05 Single Board Computer, the SBC88/25 Single Board Computer and the SBC88/40 Measurement and Control Computer.  Four additional 28-pin sockets support JEDEC 24/28-pin standard devices, including EPROMs, byte-wide static and pseudo-static RAMs.


The MULTIMODULE expansion concepts provides the optimum mechanism for incremental memory expansion.  Mounting directly on the microcomputer, the benefits include low cost, no additional power requirements beyond the memory devices, and higher performances than MULTIBUS-based memory expansion.


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