Model: SBC386/12SF

Manufactured by: Intel Corporation



  • 386 microprocessor with 20MHz clock

  • SCSI interface; 5Mbps synchronous data rate

  • Select 1 – 8MB high-speed DRAM on-board

  • Dual bus architecture

  • Two 32-pin sites for Intel® flash, RAM or EPROM

  • E2PROM, expandable to four sites

  • Local bus extension (iLBX) interface

  • Reconfigurable memory addressing for use in multiprocessing applications

  • Functional superset of SBC 86/XX and 286/1XSingle Board Computers

  • Optional i387™ math processor (M suffix designation) and 82258 ADMA controller


The SBC386/12 products are high performance, high integration Multibus I single board computers.  The SBC386/12 single board computer combines 386 microprocessor performance and the SBC286/12 I/O functionality on a single Multibus I CPU board for 2X or greater performance improvement over the SBC286/12.  Two serial ports are provided via Intel's 8274 Multi-Protocol Serial Controller.  An 82C55A Programmable Peripheral Interface provides support for the parallel line printer interface.  Direct memory access transfers are provided by the 82258 ADMA controller; the DMA support is enhanced to increase flexibility and support synchronous transfers over the serial ports and SBX Bus.


The SBC386/12S series adds support for the industry standard, high-speed SCSI bus (Small Computer System Interface).  SCSI data transfers to local DRAM are DMA supported and FIFO buffered enabling sustained synchronous SCSI data rates up to 5Mbps.


Alternate Part Numbers: SBC38612, SBC38612SF, SBC38612SFxxM (math co-processor)


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