SKU: INT-SBC386/2x


Model: SBC386/21/22/24/28

Manufactured by: Intel Corporation



  • 386 microprocessor with a 16MHz clock

  • Available with 2, 4, or 8MB of on-board 32-Bit memory, expandable to 16MB

  •  High speed 80387 floating point math coprocessor

  • 2 32-bit JEDEC sites for up to 512KB of EPROM  memory 

  • RS232C interface for local/remote control and diagnostics

  • SBX interface for low cost I/O expansion 

  • 16 levels of direct vectored interrupt control

  • 64KB 0 wait-state cache memory 

  • Alternate Part Numbers: SBC38620, SBC38621, SBC38622, SBC38624 and SBC38628 or SBC386/20, SBC38621, SBC386/22, SBC386/24 and SBC386/28



The SBC386/2x series boards feature a 16MHz 386 CPU, an 387 math coprocessor, a 64KB 0 wait-state cache memory to support the CPU, and a 32-bit interface to 4 or 8MB of dual-port parity DRAM.  The boards employ a dual-bus structure, a 32 bit CPU bus for data transfers between the CPU and memory, and a 16-bit bus for data transfers over the Multibus interface, SBX interface. EPROM local memory, and I/O interfaces.  These boards take advantage of  the 386 CPU's 32-bit performance while maintaining compatibility with the Multibus I interface. Incoming interrupts, from twenty interrupt sources, are handled by two cascaded on-board 8259 A programmable interrupt controllers and by the 386 CPU's NMI line.


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