Model: SBC386SX

Manufactured by: Intel Corporation



  • 16MHz 386 SX CPU.

  • PC AT and DOS software compatibility.

  • Supports iRMX for Windows & 32-bit real time operating system with DOS.

  • 387 SX Math Coprocessor socket.

  • 512K or 2MB on-board DRAM, expandable to 8MB.

  • Two 32-pin EPROM sockets, plus two universal sockets for EPROM, SRAM, or Flash.

  • On-board IDE hard drive and floppy controllers.

  • Two serial and one parallel ports.

  • Two 8/16-bit iSBX connectors.

  • Graphics add-on module supporting VGA, EGE, CGA, Hercules Mono formats.

  • Complete on-board BIOS in EPROM.



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