Model: SBC416

Manufactured by: Intel Corporation


Intel Multibus I, 16K PROM/ROM Expansion Board


The SBC416 is a member of Intel's complete line of SBC80 memory and I/O expansion boards (many of which can be found elsewhere on this website). The SBC 416 interfaces directly to any SBC80 Single Board Computer, via the System bus, to expand ROM/PROM memory capacity. The SBC-416 contains 16 sockets that can house either Intel 8308 masked ROMs or Intel 8708 programmable and erasable EPROMs. ROM/PROM memory can be added in 1K byte increments. The SBC416 contains a set of jumpers that allow the selection of base addersses of independent 8K memory blocks, to begin on any 8K boundary. Switches are used to enable on-board memory in 1K block increments.



  • Allows SBC 80 EPROM/ROM expansion through direct bus interface

  • Sockets for up to 16K bytes of interchangeable Intel 8308 masked ROM or 8708 programable and erasable PROM

  • Switches to enable or disable each memory block

  • Jumper selectable addresses for each 8K block

  • Buffered address and data lines



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