Model: SBC429

Manufactured by: Intel Corporation



  • 2 Banks of 16, 28-pin or 32-pin universal sites

  • Each group of four sites are individually configurable for EPROM, ROM, EEPROM, SRAM, RAM, NVRAM and FLASH

  • LBX Bus or Multibus selectable

  • Provides support for battery backup/memory protect

  • Assignable anywhere within a 16MB address space on 64KB boundaries

  • Jumper-selectable base address on 4KB boundaries

  • Capability of generating an interrupt for the write and erase operations of EEPROMs


The SBC428 Universal Site Memory Expansion Board contains 2 banks of sixteen 28-pin or 32-pin sockets; the actual capacity of the board is determined by the type and quantity of components installed by the user.  The board can be accessed (by configuring the board via jumpers) by either the Multibus System Bus or Intel's high-speed LBX Bus.  The SBC428 can operated in either 8 bit only mode or the 8/16 bit mode; the mode of operation is selected by on-board jumpers and is available for both Multibus and LBX Bus configurations.  The board supports battery backup operation via a connector on the board.  An auxiliary power bus is provided to allow separate power to the memory array for systems requiring battery backup.


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