Model: SBC464

Manufactured by: Intel Corporation


Intel SBC464 64KB EPROM Expansion Board


The SBC464 is a member of Intel's complete line of SBC memory and I/O expansion boards. The SBC 464 board interfaces directly to the SBC80 or SBC86 family of boards (found elsewhere on this website) via the MULTIBUS system bus, to expand system EPROM/ROM memory capacity



  • Provides EPROM/ROM expansion of SBC80 & SBC86 systems via direct MULTIBUS interface

  • Sockets for up to 64K bytes EPROM/ROM

  • Compatible with Intel 2758, 2716, or 2732 erasable PROMs and 2316E or 2332 masked ROMs

  • Switch selectable base address on 4K byte boundries for each memory bank

  • Assignable anywhere within a 1 megabyte address space

  • EPROM/ROM components which are not enabled are placed in standby power mode

  • Requires a single +5V power supply



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