Model: SBC534

Manufactured by: Intel Corporation



  • Serial I/O Expansion through 4 Programmable Synchronous and Asynchronous Communications Channels

  • Individual Software Programmable Baud Rate Generation for each Serial I/O Channel

  • Jumper Selectable Interface Register Addresses

  • 16-bit Parallel I/O Interface

  • 2 Independent Programmable 16-bit Interval Timers

  • 16 Maskable Interrupt Request Lines with Priority Encoded and Programmable Interrupt Algorithms

  • RS232C/CCITT V.42 Interfaces plus 20 mA Optically Isolated Current Loop Interfaces (Sockets)

  • Programmable Digital Loopback for Diagnostics

  • Interface Control for Auto Originate Modems


The SBC534 Four Channel Communication Expansion Board interfaces directly to any single board computer via the Multibus to provide expansion of system serial communications capability.  Four fully programmable synchronous and asynchronous serial channels with RS232C buffering and provision for 20 mA optically isolated current loop buffering are provided.  Baud rates, data formats, and interrupt priorities for each channel are individually software selectable.  Additionally, the SBC534 provides 16 lines of RS232C buffered programmable parallel I/O.


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