Model: SBC86/30-IDC

Manufactured by: Intel Corporation


INTEL - 16 BIT SBC 128K RAM, With IDC Ribbon Connectors


iAPX 86/10 (8086-2) microprocessor with 5 or 8MHz CPU clock

Fully software compatible with SBC86/12A single board computer 

Optional iAPX 86/20 numeric data processor with SBC337A Multimodule processor 

32K/128K bytes of dual-port read/write memory expandable on-board to 256K bytes with on-board refresh

Sockets for up to 64K bytes of JEDEC 24/28-pin standard memory devices 

Two iSBX bus connectors 

·24 programmable parallel I/O lines

Programmable synchronous/asynchronous RS232C compatible serial interface with software selectable baud rates 

Two programmable 16-bit BCD or binary timers/event counters 

9 levels of vectored interrupt control, expandable to 65 levels 

MULTIBUS interface for multimaster configurations and system expansion

Supported by a complete family of single board computers, memory, digital and analog I/O, peripheral controllers, packaging and software

Alternate Part Numbers:  SBC8630-IDC and SBC8630IDC


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