Model: SBC86/35A

Manufactured by: Intel Corporation


Complete compatibility with SBC86/30 and 86/35 boards

Select 10, 8 or 5MHz CPU operation

8087 numeric co-processor ready socket

512KB of dual port DRAM installed with sockets for expansion to 1MB

960KB of ROM support

2 16-bit SBX connectors

I/O cycle support for 0-2 wait-states

EPROM and DRAM support for 0-3 wait-states


The SBC86/35A CPU board combines compatibility, high reliability, increased performance, and design longevity in a single new board.  This new design features the latest components to ensure the longevity of designs incorporating the SBC86/35A.  Configuration jumpers allow the SBC86/35A board to function as an SBC86/35, an 86/30, or an 86/14 Multibus I CPU board.  512KB DRAM is provided with the board: user can easily expand to 1MB.


Alternate Part Number: SBC8635A


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