Model: SBC86C/38

Manufactured by: Intel Corporation


Advanced CMOS 8Mhz 80C86 Microprocessor

1MB of dual-port, 0 wait-state DRAM with parity

Sockets for up to 512KB of standard 32-pin JEDEC EPROM devices

Real-time clock/calendar with on-board battery backup

Temperature–sensing device socket

Optional 8087 Numeric Data Processor with an SBC337A module

The SBC86C/38 has been implemented entirely in CMOS resulting in very low power consumption and low heat generation.  Low heat generation allows the board to function without air flow in a sealed environment.  Compatibility with the SBC86/35 is seamless with all of the same features supported.  A full megabyte of dual port DRAM is installed with sockets for 512KB of EPROM.  In addition, the SBC86C/38 also provides a real-time clock/calendar with on-board battery and temperature sensing capability.


Alternate Part Number: SBC86C38


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