Model: SBC88/25

Manufactured by: Intel Corporation



  • 8/16-Bit 8088 Microprocessor Operating at 5MHz

  • 1MB Addressing Range

  • 2 SBX Bus Connectors

  • Optional Numeric Data Processor with SBC337A module

  • 4KB of Static Ram; Expandable On-Board to 16KB

  • Sockets for up to 64KB of JEDEC 24/28-Pin Standard Memory Devises; Expandable On-board to 128KB

  • Programmable Synchronous/Asynchronous RS232C Compatible Serial Interface with Software Selectable Baud Rates

  • 24 Programmable Parallel I/O Lines

  • 2 Programmable 16-Bit BCD or Binary Timers/Events Counters

  • 9 Levels of Vectored Interrupt Control, Expandable to 65 Levels

  • Multibus Interface for Multimaster Configurations and System Expansion


The SBC88/25 Single Board Computer takes full advantage of Intel's technology to provide economical, self-contained, computer-based solutions for OEM applications.  The CPU, system clock, read/write memory, nonvolatile read only memory, I/O ports and drivers, serial communications interface, priority interrupt logic and programmable timers, all reside on the board.  The large control storage capacity makes the SBC88/25 board ideally suited for control-oriented applications such as process control, instrumentation and industrial automation.


Alternate Part Number: SBC8825


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