Model: SBC88/40A

Manufactured by: Intel Corporation



  • 4.8/6.67MHz 8088 8-Bit HMOS Processor

  • 12-Bit KHz Analog-to-Digital Converter with Programmable Gain Control

  • 16-Bit Differential/32 Single-ended Analog Input Channels

  • 3 SBX Multimodule Connectors for Analog, Digital, and other I/O Expansion

  • 4KB Static RAM, Expandable via SBC301 RAM module to 8KB (1KB Dual-Ported)

  • 4 EPROM/E2PROM Sockets for up to 64KB, Expandable to 128KB with SBC341 Expansion Multimodule

  • Multibus Intelligent Slave or Multimaster


The SBC88/40 board consists of a 16 differential/32 single ended channel analog multiplexer with input protected circuits, A/D converter, programmable central processing unit, dual port and private RAM, read-only memory sockets, interrupt logic, 24 channels of parallel I/O, three programmable timers and multibus control logic on a single card.  The SBC88/40A board is capable of functioning by itself in a standalone system or as a multimaster or intelligent slave in a large Multibus system.


Alternate Part Number: SBC8840A


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