Model: SBC88/45

Manufactured by: Intel Corporation



  • 3 HDLC/SDLC Half/Full Duplex Communication Channels - Optional ASYNCH/SYNC on 2 Channels

  • Supports RS232C, CCITT V.24, or RS422A/449

  • 8088 (8088-2) Microprocessor, 8MHz

  • On-board DMA supports 800KB Baud Operation

  • Self-clocking NRZI SDLC Loop Data Link Interface Point-To-Point Multidrop

  • Supports optional SBC337A Numeric Data Processor

  • 16KB Static RAM (12KB dual-port)

  • 4 28-pin JEDEC Sites for EPROM/RAM; 4 additional 28-pin JEDEC sites added with optional SBC341

  • 2 iSBX Bus Connectors

  • Software Programmable Baud Rate Generation


The SBC88/45 is an 8MHz, 8088-based Data Communications Processor board.  It offers asynchronous, synchronous, SDLC, and HDLC serial interfaces for gateway networking for general purpose solutions.  The SBC88/45 board provides the CPU, system clock, EPROM/ROM, RAM, serial I/O ports, primary interrupt logic, and programmable timers to facilitate higher-level application solutions.


Alternate Part Number: SBC8845


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