•  Intel486 SX, IntelDX2™, and IntelDX4™ processors
  • Intel 82424X PCI local bus with PCI to Multibus I Bridge ASIC

  • 2 SIMM sockets supporting up to 64MB (8MBx36) DRAM

  • Integrated Intel® 82595TX Ethernet controller

  • Supported by the iRMX III Operating Systems, MS-DOS 6.2, Windows 3.1, and others

  • Integrated PCI-based IDE and Fast SCSI-2

  • 128KB L2 Cache, user configurable as write-through or write-back

  • Standard PC features: 2 serial ports, 1 parallel port, keyboard, mouse

  • Optional PCI-based SVGA Graphics Module available

  • Supports Multibus "Real Mode" and "Protected Mode" memory space, Multibus I/O space, and dual-port memory

The Multibus I Embedded PC Single Board Computers are highly integrated, PC- compatible boards based upon the Intel486 processor family and PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) local bus I/O.  The PCI local bus architecture provides an interface to on-board, high-performance industry standard I/O.

The Embedded PC family also offers traditional Multibus I features such as configurable dual-port memory, and Multibus memory address space in Real and Protected Mode-both with aliasing through Multibus address space.  The combination PC compatibility and traditional Multibus I functionality makes this family of products one of the most versatile offerings in the market today.

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