Model: SBC486/12F

Manufactured by: Intel Corporation



  • 100MHz IntelDX4 OverDrive 66MHz IntelDX2™ or 33MHz i486™ Microprocessor

  • 82258 Advanced DMA controller

  • Non-SCSI version.  See SBC486SFx for the SCSI version
  • Dual bus architecture-dedicated 32-bit processor/DRAM bus in addition to system bus

  • Two 32-pin sites that support Intel® flash or EPROM

  • 2MB - 64MB on-board 32-bit dual-port parity DRAM

  • Multiprocessing support, including memory aliasing

  • Functional superset of SBC86/XX, 286/1X, and 386/12 Single Board Computers


The SBC486/12 products are high performance, high integration Multibus I single board computers.  These boards share a common core design with the SBC386/12 single board computer.  The design provides functional compatibility with the SBC286/12 single board computer with up to a 5X performance improvement.  The SBC486/12 family includes your choice of processor:  100MHz Intel DX4 OverDrive, 66MHz IntelDX2 or 33MHz 486 processor, I/O: with or without SCSI, and memory:  2 - 64MB on-board DRAM.  A 32-bit on-board system bus optimizes the computer performance of the microprocessors. Numeric processing applications are easily handled by the 486 processor's on-chip floating point unit (FPU)


Alternate Part Number: SBC48612F


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